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FM Transmitter

A car FM transmitter is a device that connects your MP3 player to the frequency and turns it into a small radio station.

The most obvious joy of having an FM transmitter is to listen to your beloved MP3 tracks through your car stereo.

The problem is that majority of car stereos have no jack to plug your MP3 player in. An FM transmitter solves this problem.

Another popular use of an FM transmitter is to broadcast your MP3 collection for your friends when there are no speakers or MP3 player docks around. Any old radio set with an FM range (even without line-in) will be good enough to broadcast your music.

For more information about transmitters go to FM Transmitter How-to


Hey, What’s Wrong With New York Governors?

There’s something about certain Jersey Shore residents and controversy surrounding New York governors.

There was the posh Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the high-paid call girl and former Shore area resident accused of assignations with then-Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who resigned over the scandal.

Now, there is Charles J. O’Byrne, a former Jesuit priest who grew up in Oceanport and was active in politics in Monmouth County as a young man.

O’Byrne, New York Gov. David Paterson’s embattled top aide, resigned on Friday after a week of escalating criticism over his failure to pay $300,000 in taxes on time and a questionable excuse for the problem.